Understand How Paratii Works

1P2P file

Browser tabs with an active Paratii player automatically connect to nearby peers or to bootstrap nodes. Picture torrents on steroids: incentivisation curbs free riding and optimizes cost efficiency, making for a self scalable network with no central points of failure.

2Earn while
you browse

If users pay attention for consuming content, they must possibly earn compensation in return. In Paratii, any creator may decide to share his revenue and pay you to watch him. In any case, there’s plenty of other ways to be rewarded without even realizing.

3The value of
your opinions

Users who are good curators of either niche or mass content are recognized by a reputation system that rewards “early adopters” and incentivizes exploration of the long tail.

4Everyone is

Great part of the value exchanged between creators and advertisers in online video platforms is pocketed by entities providing the underlying infrastructure. When such infrastructure gets decentralised, what was before profit now becomes unleashed value, and flows back to the network. Advertisers pay less, producers earn more and casual viewers are invited to the party too.


A javascript application written in meteor.js, the Paratii player can be embedded in any web 2.0 page, and aims to offer native integration with some of the most widespread publishing platforms running on Ethereum. Hint: their official browser is one of them.

6Producers control
all of revenue

We are in no position of telling a producer he should place or avoid ads on top of his content. Neither of deciding for him if he should charge or offer videos for free. On Paratii, creators control all of their revenue under customisable monetisation models (picture Netflix, BlockBuster and Youtube, all-in-one).